How to find a WPS pin on a hp printer?

When you connect an HP printer in Windows 10, the message Enter the HP SPIN for your HP printer is displayed. If you are using an HP printer and installing the printer on Windows 10, you may need a WPS pin for hp printer to your wireless network to connect it. This is because HP printers use WPS technology to connect to wireless devices. WPS is the latest technology used by different devices to communicate with each other. This helps create a secure connection between devices. WPS pins are safe, secure, and faster than USB connections.

What is a WPS pin?

The WPS pin is a unique 8-digit number generated by your HP printer for a wireless connection to your router. It only works with wireless routers. WPS pins are like secret code between your own devices. This WPS pin protects your printer from unknown users such as neighbors and hotels. For reference, this WPS pin technology will be used by all printing companies in the future. Therefore, find the WPS pin on the printer and connect it wirelessly.

Where are the WPS pins on your HP printer?

The big question here is that Where is the wps pin for hp printer? On most HP printers, the WPS pin is on the printer screen. Looking at the printer, you see a small screen that produces WPS pins for wireless connections. However, other HP printers do not have a screen, such as the HP Deskjet 2600 and hp Deskjet 2652. However, these HP printers also require WPS pins. Therefore, there are two options to resolve this WPS pin issue on all HP printers.

HP printer WPS connection type

Basically, with all HP printers, you can find one of these options for connecting your printer wirelessly.

·         Push-button (for non-display printers)

·         WPS pin (to display valid printers)

Utilize the WPS control to link your HP printer

If you are using an HP printer that does not have a display or control panel, use this method to connect the printer to your computer.

1.       If the printer is off, turn it on; if it is on, restart it before proceeding to the next step.

2.       Search for the wireless button or icon.

3.       Press the wireless button on the printer.

4.       Then the light will start flashing.

5.       Go to your wireless router and find the wireless button on the back of it.

6.       Press for a few seconds the WPS button.

7.       The router WPS light will begin blinking.

8.       Wait for some time till the printer and router lights stop flashing.

9.       The printer is now wirelessly linked to your desktop.

Steps if you are using an HP printer with a display or control panel:

1.       Turn the printer on. Reboot it formerly proceeding to the next stage if it is turned on.

2.       Go to the display and hold the wireless button.

3.       The wireless BLUE light will now start blinking.

4.       There is a WiFi Protection Setup option on the printer screen.

5.       Go to WiFi Protected Setup and Push Button.

6.       There is a WPS button on the back of your wireless router.

7.       Push and keep for a few seconds the WPS button.

8.       The WPS light will begin flashing on the router.

9.       Wait a couple of minutes. Both the printer and router lights stop blinking.

10.   Look at the printer's Connection established screen.

11.   The printer is now connected to your wireless network with the WPS button.

12.   Connect the HP printer via the WPS pin

If you are using an HP printer with a presentation or control panel, you can locate the WPS pin for your HP printer.

1.       Turn on the printer.

2.       Go to your printer control panel/display and hold the wireless button.

3.       The wireless BLUE light will now start flashing.

4.       On the printer screen, there is a WiFi Protection Setup option.

5.       Select WPS PIN.

6.       The printer will now produce a WPS pin.

7.       Remember that this WPS pin will appear on the screen for 8-10 seconds. After that, if it does not work, you require to produce a new pin.

Then enter the WPS pin on your device.